CatchEye is a software add-on, enhancing your video chat experience in Skype, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and others.


catcheye_buttons_gaze_correction_small Eye Contact

Eye contact is missing in typical video chat situations, because we look at our conversation partner on the screen, and not at the camera. The Eye Contact feature adjusts the image to correct this.

catcheye_buttons_auto_cam_small Automatic Camera

Automatic camera behaves like a virtual camera man, zooming in and out of the image and following one or more persons. This has the advantage of focusing on the face(s), and removing all the wasted space of the background.

catcheye_buttons_relighting_small Lighting Correction

Lighting Correction changes the colors and brightness of the image, so that your face is lit in the best possible way, even when you are sitting against a very bright background or in a dark room.

catcheye_buttons_bg_blur_small Background Blur

Background blur gives the image a more natural appearance by making the background look out of focus. Clutter is much less distractive and your chat partner can focus on you instead.